Tallahatchie Gourmet, New Albany, MS  38652
Inspired by the unique and delicious taste of her native New Orleans, Angele Mueller set out to recreate that distinct and wonderful flavor in the wonderful community that is New Albany, MS. Located on Main Street in this historic, tight knit community, Tallahatchie Gourmet has quickly become one of the mainstays of local quisine.
With delectable dishes ranging from baked Ziti (a crowd favorite) to shrimp and grits, the unique New Orleans style cooking keeps the doors of TG open from noon through the night as people from all over North Mississippi stop by for a quick bite or a liesurely dinner.

What makes Tallahatchie Gourmet so special? Aside from the outstanding dining experience and catering services, it's the experience of a home town hospitality that keeps the people of New Albany, Union County and beyond coming back for more.

Stop by today . . . we'll be glad to see you!

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